Building a Better Man: Week 2

Officially twelve weeks out from my first event in Maine, the first couple weeks have taught me a lot about the financial, physical, mental and emotional cost of taking the stage in front of hundreds, if not thousands of people. Although a fear of the unknown is a common fear for most people, it’s the fear of certain failure that I would choose to avoid. In the last few weeks, I have yet to miss a cardio day or a lifting day. Today till will be my first “cheat” meal in three weeks. However, it’s not exactly a cheat, it’s just a way to pump up your muscles so that your able to make more gains in the gym. I’ve learned the three P’s to get ready for these events. Prep your food ahead of time so that you have you time for other facets of life. Portion your food according to your nutritionists specs is extremely important. Don’t question, just do it. Posing is what helps you beat stronger competition. Someone could have the best physique on stage, but if they can’t pose, they won’t place…don’t let that be you. I have yet to learn what it means to “over-train”, but I’m assuming I will very quickly, but hopefully not too painfully.

          Oh yeah, one more “P”…peanut butter. Trust me.