I enjoy my art like a four-year-old enjoys a package of hot dogs, raw.

            Events such as this, even though it was my first, get me excited and remind me that there is hope for those poor bastards who have yet to do anything with their college degree in art and are working somewhere for near minimum wage after taxes. There are thousands people out there from Montana to Mars looking to inspire or be inspired and that’s been the mission of RAW artists since 2009. Their goal has been to showcase the most talented independent artists and designers from almost anywhere in the world that has access to a crayon. Not only does the artist have a chance to exhibit their creativity at the shows, but they can also make a little money as well by selling their work at whatever events they are invited to. Only the best artists and designers from that region are invited to display or sell their work, so don’t think you can just piss on a piece of stapled canvas and set up shop at one of these events.

            As far as the turnout on a Sunday night was concerned; the multi-floored nightclub was packed with onlookers and potential clients of various natures. For the most part, it still felt very nightclub-ish, with the loud house music, the creepers trolling for ladies and the overpriced coat check area not including tips.

            My reason for attending that evening’s festivities was actually the art and I’m not even an artsy type of person. I can barely draw my own name and I compare the Mona Lisa to a random fat girl hunting for any craigslist guy she can get her hooves on. That being said, the length of my attention span isn’t very impressive. I was prepared to treat this situation like going to a wine bar; find something you like and milk it for about an hour, then bolt out the door hoping for a P.F. Chang’s nearby.

            Regardless of the length of time I spent there, I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of effort and detail that went into the majority of the work that was on display and for sale. There was a seamstress in the middle of making a new piece while her other work was on display, there was a large abstract section with similarities to the very famous Jackson Pollack, they even had a looping video showing the creation of some of their works. All the while the bartenders were pumping out drinks to keep the mood festive; which I think all art galleries should aspire to. I don’t think I could stare at a Picasso painting sober, then again, neither could Picasso.

            They did save one of the edgier photographers for the top floor where some viewer discretion was advised, in other words…titties. Whatever amount of alcohol one consumed before reaching the top floor, this gallery would surely sober you up in a hurry.

            I think that’s why I like this sort of stuff I guess. It’s a lot like comedy, uncensored, unapologetic, opinionated, overdramatic, and most importantly, like comedy, it’s honest.

            I left the club that evening a little happier and somewhat fulfilled with all of the work that went into preparing that evening, I even purchased a nice little piece for myself that I have recently framed and placed on my wall. I know, I’m such a douche-bag, but the fact is I put a little more money into some artists pocket so that they may continue the dream they put so much hard work into. I look forward to attending another such evening and everyone should check their area for a similar event. It beats staying home and watching reruns of ‘The Walking Dead’.