Building a Better Man: The Ascent

The decision to compete is easy. Then what? What food do I eat? What vitamins do I take? When do I workout? How do I workout? Suddenly you’re thinking if the decision was a good idea. Unless your great at research, I strongly recommend getting a trainer. Someone who can meet you at least once a week to get you started and has successfully prepared other people for shows. Club trainers are mediocre at best normally, because they’re used to fat slobs rolling in every week to eat free pizza and whine about their kids. This week, I’ve met two trainers, a nutritionist, a spray tan lady, and a posing instructor. The schedule is exhausting, I’m up at 5 every morning and I’m on the treadmill by 5:30…It’s…. I started nodding off there.

     I walked into the posing practice to be met by a kid with four percent body fat and middleweight with the intensity of a charging rhino infused with Mark Wahlberg. I’m standing there, feeling suddenly inferior and my trainer comes over to me after some opening comments and goals, he started pinching every part of my body to get an idea of my figure. “I’m very excited to see how you’ll turn out.”, He said. I felt a little more comfortable at this point. We talked about the transformation and how I’ll be a completely different person before standing on stage in front of 1500 people. My main concern, at this point, isn’t the money or my commitment; it’s my body. Can it withstand the beating of putting on 5-10 pounds of muscle in six months while reducing body fat significantly and getting less maybe six hours of sleep a night.

     I guess in order to be the better man… you have to beat the old one.