I have zero obligation to share this information, nor do I plan to exaggerate any material covered in this article. These scenarios that I lay before you are all based on direct confirmed evidence and because of currently ongoing legal processes, names will be not be used at this time, those you can discover on your own.

Since my very first article, my goal was provide helpful information with an upbeat twist. I never expected to learn such sad truths about a sport that kept me hanging at the edge of my sanity for almost a year. With every story I learned, I became more suspicious about the people I shared the stage with and now that I know all this information to be true, I may have been better off staying in the dark. Let me go through each event one at a time and see where we end up at the end of this sobering journey that is sure to cast angry glances in my direction...but don't blame me for your foolish actions.



No Loyalty:

The discipline and sacrifices required of a synthetic Bodybuilder outweigh any other league. Plus the support needed from friends, trainers and loved ones are constantly in demand. As the date of ones competition approaches, the body and brain are tested to their limits and simple choices on any other day can seem like life altering decisions when competitors inch closer to peak week. However these challenges don't excuse infidelity when the person you supported throughout their entire “career” in bodybuilding is exposed as massive cheater through text and picture...for almost an entire year. How or why this person was forgiven on multiple occasions for their actions is not something I will dive into, but one would expect that if this scorned individual continued to prep all the meals, assist with all the bills and provide aid for upcoming shows, that the cheating would cease. It continued. This blatant disrespect of ones home and heart has reached a boiling point as of recent and this person has requested their significant other of many years to exit the home permanently.

Evidence: Direct Photographic, Digital.


Dream Thief:

Those that coordinate and run events collect all show registration fees for that show and for any membership fees for that league. Once the membership fees are collected, the event coordinator must submit all paperwork, cash collected and enter all competitor information into the league database. When multiple competitors were showing up at the same events with league membership receipts, yet were not entered into the database...this raised a serious red flag. Each membership now costs over 100 dollars with several hundred competitors per show. So why weren't these members registered in the leagues database? Where was the money? Simple...in the show coordinators pocket, well over 5,000 dollars worth of league membership fees. When the league discovered this theft of funds, the threat was made loud and clear, return the cash or be prosecuted. After the money was somehow recuperated, the show coordinator was flagged and banned from running any future shows.

Evidence: Direct Financial.


Swollen Merchandise:

Many Nutrition stores have sponsored athletes. They rock the company logo, have their league memberships paid for and also receive free or discounted supplements. It's never in the best interest of the amateur athlete to bite the hand that feeds them. However, greed is a trait that is far too common in this business and when the store owner started to notice that a certain type of supplement started becoming constantly low in stock, but the purchase receipts didn't match, obviously this signaled the owner that someone within the company was moving or using unpaid merchandise. Enter the sponsored athlete, who never fessed up to the theft, but was ultimately removed from the schedule and has since struggled to return to the National Stage after faltering in their diet and falling out of the top five. While the store owners plans to expand show promise and the client base is beginning to flourish, the former athlete failed as a coach and recently was recently photographed on social media showing “disapproval” of the leagues Bikini class, the very class this coach used to train multiple competitors in.

Evidence: Direct Financial, Missing Inventory.


Sacrificial Lamb:

Here are the directs facts on this case. While this competitor was training for their second show, they were also engaged in an extra-curricular relationship with a Martial Arts instructor while the other half was home...with that competitors daughter sound asleep. I didn't know Taekwondo class required vaginal penetration. This ultimately led to the other half being forced to leave the home claiming full responsibility for the failure of the relationship and without any knowledge of the affair or that the instructor moved in less than a month later, assumingly taking over parental duties. The other half only came to learn of the entire conspiracy several months later after continuing to pay for various joint bills. The other half also went on to win multiple trophies in two leagues while the adulterer failed to appear in their last planned show due to a “hamstring” injury and has yet to return to the stage.

Evidence: Direct Financial, verbal, phone logs, text & picture messages, voice mail, email.


Bi's, Tri's & Extra-Marital Lies:



Final Synopsis:

These sad tales are thankfully not destined for all competitors, but learning all this information within such a short period of time is a burden I wish to bear never again. I have confessed all my shortcomings to the appropriate parties over the past few years and I no longer wish to be entrusted with such dark truths. We live in a society of selfish and lazy individuals with no self-control and zero accountability for their foolish and severely damaging actions. After reading this, you may call this article many negative things, but the one thing you can't call it...is a lie.


What kind of person due you wish to be going forward?