Is this stuff still taught to kids in school now? Or are the mushroom clouds these twinks aware of the ones they blast out to impress their friends at the local hookah lounge. Lets focus on the topic at hand.

Take the time to understand the multiple reasons for what happened on August 6th, 1945. For one, the Japanese refused to listen to any negotiations brought to their attention and would rather have sacrificed every man, woman and child then suffer the humiliation of surrender. The Japanese military scared its own citizens into believing that if the Americans reached the mainlands, it would consist of nothing but raping and pillaging. This was evident in some of the island battles as locals would hear of the American victory, find the nearest cliff and leap to their deaths, sometimes clutching their own children.

Another reason for unleashing such a devastating power on a mixed population of military and civilian, was because of a growing threat in the Soviet Union. Since it was still unknown at the time of just how unforgiving atomic warfare was and what the Russians would do with the technology at that time, instead of sending over 500’000 American troops to their deaths in order to conquer mainland Japan, Why not save American lives, force Japan to surrender in order to save their population from certain invasion and scare the puffy ones in Moscow all in one move. There are many reasons we can conjure up as to why the decision was made to turn this beautiful city into scorched ruins…although the reasons we can’t think of are what makes this such an interesting premise.

Now, how you incorporate this philosophy into your own life, heaven forbid you’d actually need to. As I said earlier, there are many reasons we can’t think of that brought this decision about, so let’s explore the ones that we can. Normally an action such as this could have lasting consequences in your life or multiple others and the immediate results will never be overwhelmingly positive…nor may the long-term results. Look at it simply as an action that will ripple throughout time, forever altering peoples opinions and feelings toward you, those feelings being mostly negative in the beginning, but in time hopefully changing to a more appreciative and respectful manner, as maybe you were thought of as too weak or too nice, too non-committal, too flaky, too cold or too naive. So, unannounced, you commit a cataclysmic action that shakes the very fundamentals that even you may stand on. The action is so simple, but like the radiation in Hiroshima after the detonation or the worldwide reaction to the information coming out of Japan after the events can change the entire playing field in the world as you know it.

No, these actions do not include murder, arson or anything that will have you facing 25 to life, unless you’re Edward Snowden. The fact is this, despite the massive casualties and devastation across the city, the war in the pacific ended, the soldiers came home, millions more were saved, Hiroshima was rebuilt and is once again a thriving city, not to mention that the U.S. and Japan are now the deepest of allies and commercial partners. Not even a Pearl Harbor or a Hiroshima could stop a long lasting relationship between the two countries from one end of the Pacific to the other from blossoming. Some people need a pat on the back, others from time to time, need a kick in the ass, and sometimes they need a mind shaking event that wipes the slate clean so that a new foundation can be built in it’s place possibly by the same hands that knocked it all down, for it is only out of love and respect for yourself and others you may care about that such actions need to take place.

In the end, it’s all comes from love and hope. Nothing more.


…Let’s save Nagasaki for another day.