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Positive Sarcasm Presents: The Comet


No more getting offended. No more fake smiles to people throughout your workday. No more watching your biased news. No more overpaying for sweatshop merchandise, no more hash tags like like “#notmypresident”, “#blacklivesmatter”, or “#fakenews”. No more vegan guilt trips. No more social justice.

It’s all gone.

We were so focused on our quick to judge, guilty until proven innocent, recreational outrage that we didn’t see the event coming. We were all too busy looking down at our phones, that we never looked up and noticed the stars.

I would never ask you to be grateful or more appreciative of what you have or will have. That’s not how this works. However you should be generally aware. You have the right to complain, protest, dream, design, build, disagree, and evolve. In my opinion, if you’re an American and your not complaining about at least one thing…then you’re not doing your job. In the same token though, we should always be looking for ways of improvement, for example, this idea of social media is useful when served as a platform for more than just repetitive meme’s and garbage selfies. We’re humanity, we’re supposed to be more advanced than this by now. Or are we? Maybe humanity is just so self-destructive by nature; that by the time a not so distant star connects and sends us towards the upper deck of the Galactic Yankee Stadium, we’ll have already destroyed ourselves. So I guess the flying rock was late to the party.

The idea of a Comet is just as metaphorical though. A life altering experience doesn’t have to come from outside our thinning ozone layer. I was talking with a mother of two, who had to shack up with friends after someone upstairs started an apartment fire which spread to the floor below and eventually took out the entire complex. She lost everything in storage, all her personal possessions, plus she had no renters insurance. For obvious reasons, I’m pretty attached to all my stuff, cuz it took me nearly three years to re-aquire almost a quarter of what I used to have. When life’s comet hit me, I wasn’t prepared. This is why I ask you, the reader, to be more prepared and trusting mostly yourself to achieve your life’s goals, using noone else as a step ladder, cuz what they may want in return may be more than you can afford.

A comet doesn’t discriminate, it merely flies the route that the universe gives it, and makes quick and absolute work of its target, but never in the history of humanity has an individual had more access to information that can financially, physically, and mentally prepare them for a world so unforgiving. It also doesn’t matter your age either. You could be a 10-year-old Youtube sensation or a 20-year-old professional photographer. If you prepare yourself early enough in life, eliminate the distractions and turn every idea into a project, instead of dreaming about being your own boss, you could easily be your own empire. It’s never too late to learn. Your clock runs at the same speed as the rest of the planet, unless your Benjamin Button…then it runs backwards. This world is always seeking specialists in every category, so pick your favorites and dive in as far as you can.

When you ignore a passion, you ignore a comet.

When you ignore a dream, you ignore a comet.

When you ignore a thought, you ignore a comet.

Every time you put something off, you ignore a potential comet.

A comet can be a giant rock traveling at several thousand miles per hour and vaporizing an entire city, it can also be learning in one moment that a huge part of your life was a lie and you can’t understand how to cope with it.

The biggest comet of all…thinking that putting in your precious time busting your ass under someone else’s watch for mediocre returns and very little assurance is the key to getting ahead in life. Don’t be stupid.

If I knew the opportunities I would have from birth, I would have been in Sprinter Blocks from the moment I was yanked from that C-Section. Fuck walking, start sprinting, get it all on tape and add music.

Comets hate Joggers.