What happened to the simpler times when things you say weren’t overcomplicated and put into a negative context? I say potato. They say famine. I say Cool-Ade. They say Jonestown Massacre. I say convertible. They say Zapruder film. However, you say grilled cheese. I say disgusting. Well that’s all about to change…at least the grilled cheese part is.

The thought of grilled cheese seems so lazy to me, wasn’t it only invented to shut little kids up for dinnertime? There are no culinary or dietary benefits to mass-produced fake cheese inside two pieces of boring white bread. It should belong with Polio, in the past. Well I was certainly schooled today in the arts of this simple creation, but I’m not here to apologize, I’m here to enlighten you on the art of a simple process that was made far better than some could imagine.

This week’s palatable fun brought me to the quickly growing area of Second Street in Manchester. I was hoping someone was up to the task of giving the grilled cheese sandwich a “Chip Fuse” like overhaul and I think I’ve found the business that is up to this challenge. I believe if Souper Melts were located in Brooklyn or Venice Beach, it would turn into a Hipster Phenomenon within a month. It’s Retro-Americana quality would have every office junkie flocking there like the Mega Herd in “The Walking Dead” There’s something about the look of this niche diner that represents the food they make, with the comfy table arrangement and small collection of bar stools.

It would be exciting to see this place packed with cheese-foodies while a war of toasted white bread and butter took place on the flat grill behind the counter. The wondrous butter scent would be illegal in at least three states.  Taking a common, yet boring staple like cheese with white bread and adding beloved ingredients like Artichoke Hearts or BBQ flavored potato chips can seriously make a blind man do a double take. Starting off with such heavy hitters like the Mediterranean and Baconcue sandwich can be risky, but I wanted to know immediately if Souper Melt had enough culinary balls to be worth my time and the readers money. Well let’s get past the obvious cheese ingredients and focus on the items that may give Panera Bread patrons a reason to rethink their holiday shopping lunch break preference.

An obvious winner is the Baconcue on butter-toasted white with BBQ potato chips and smoked bacon. Yes, there’s cheese on it as well, but did this question have to be explored? Moving on to the Mediterranean, the stuff in this sandwich is usually reserved for specialty “Artisan” pizzas. A tough task handled well with a macaroni side salad and a homemade pickle.

For a one-page menu, there was quite a bit that I wanted to try, from the buffalo chicken to the Mr. Stromboli. However if you’re a sandwich Nazi, a grilled cheese Super-Sandwich can be built specifically to your dictatorship. Just pick your two cheeses, your choice of bread, and your choice of extras or meats.

I’m happy to say there will certainly be another visit to this little pocket of promise, because I’m kicking myself for not trying the hot dogs, specifically the Cincinnati Chili Cheese dog. I’m horny just thinking about it. How can you just throw that on the menu like it’s a side note? If its that good, it deserves more font recognition on the menu. Matter of fact; if you’re in the area for holiday shopping and fistfights over children’s toys, you have to look past the larger franchises and give this spot a try. It may earn a place a place in your heart or if you’re perverted about food…a place in your pants. Offended now? Too bad, eat at Souper Melt.



Souper Melt

845 Second Street                                                             

Manchester, NH