Building a Better Man: Week 8 & 9

Forty-five days until the first event in September and my calves packed up and went on safari. It takes all the power out of my workouts. My pre-workout supplements are of no help, because the body adjusts to them every 30 days, so I have to cycle off of them and by the time they are effective again, I’ll be in depletion mode. So no more Creatine, C4, or sodium. I was stage ready by week 8, so now I’m just circling like a plane above a blizzard-covered airport. So black coffee, posing and lots of fruit flavored Trident are what keep a lot of competitors sane during the dieting process. Some, like myself, like to take photos of the food they are going stuff in their faces after the show is over. As for me, I have four shows in 30 days, so that privilege will have to wait. I feel like I’ve already left earth, but have yet to reach the moon, but after the nerves are shaken off from the first show, my body will continue to harden after each show; which is a plus for me, as my last two shows are NPC and since I’m an all-natural competitor, my opponents may be a little bigger. Thankfully, to the trained eye, there is a noticeable difference between a natural competitor and someone who uses PED’s. So if the judges are looking for sharper definition, my body will lean out and harden much more easily than the waterbugs next to me who juice. Still isn’t an easy task at my size so I’ll have to be the little dog in the fight. Still maintaining a distraction-free training regiment, I feel confident that these four shows will leave me in a better place as I take December off to rest and bulk.


          But mark your Calenders…April is Vermont and May is Boston.