Building a Better Man: T-Minus 20 Days

Who is tired? This guy. Well I can say after about two weeks that the chewing gum between meals experiment was an absolute failure me. It became an addiction as I was popping three pieces of trident every hour. Its not worth it when your dropping 20 bucks every three days on gum alone. Tie that with four cups of coffee a day and my body was angry. So I kicked the gum altogether, dropped to maybe one small black coffee a day and grabbed some Altoid minis just in case I need a confidence booster. We are now less than 20 days away from the biggest challenge I've ever faced. So much time spent training, portioning and posing. A whole summer...gone. Yet my focus narrowing more and more everyday as I tighten my routine, book my hotels and prepare to hit the stage with my teammates. Because I'm physique, I get to keep my meal plan throughout all the shows; which is more generous than the bodybuilder class. Only three things are on my mind as all four shows draw near, how well I can place, what I'm going to eat when its November 2nd and third thing I'll keep to myself. I can say for sure that this has been quite an experience and that I should have approached this sooner. I have a lot of people to thank when its over, hell I've already started. I hope I do well, but I hope my teammates conquer the stage as well and that's why my support and my fridge are open for whenever they need it.