Building a Better Man: One Week Out

Yip....its here. 4 shows. All the training, the portioning, the panic attacks. The coaches are ready, my team is ready...I'm ready. I've ignored all the distractions, walked past every fast food place, turned down every woman and haven't given up on a single rep, no matter how tired I was. I've bled my music for all its worth, every dime I've had has gone towards the best suppliments and the best trainers. No exceptions. I'm tired, but pumped. I'm scared, yet excited, I feel small, yet I walk big. There isn't much else to say at this point, but I promise when the last show is over and the crowds head home, I will throw on a nice suit and a camel colored long coat and...hold on, my trainer just yelled at me again.

Anyways, I was saying, whether I place first or worst, I'm leaving to find the nearest slice of pizza, the best cappachino, and a massive slice of cheesecake. I will most certainly compete next year as I have stupidly discovered something in myself that's worth pursuing in the future. Until then, hit the stage, rock the smile, nail the pose and when its all over, eat the whole town.